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Re: [mass bug] New license problem/sourceless fil/privacy problems detected by lintian

On 01/15/2014 07:12 AM, Bastien ROUCARIES wrote:
> Hi,
> I have just implemented a few new check in lintian:
> detecting non free file based on md5sum[1]. These file are non free.
> I have filled a few bugs and I plan to fill more on it, when I get more reports.
> Please send bug to lintian to add more file to detect. We could also
> detect non distributable file if needed.
> Another tags of interest are detection of flash object [2][3]
> I have filled bug when I could not find the source. I plan to fill more
> Moreover lintian detect minified javascript (based on extension).[4]
> I am slowly manually checking if source is present and fill bug when
> appropriate.
> I plan to detect more minified javascript based on contents analysis
> (line too long some comments) in newer lintian version.
> I have also created tags for .jar and .py(c|o) object but I will not
> open bug and manually check (I am not an expert in these kind of
> stuff). Please java team and python get a glimpse at these tags [5][6]
> Last but not least I have splitted the privacy-breach tags. Lintian
> gives now some piece of advice depending of the problem.
> Feel free to open bugs against lintian in case of false positive or
> other problems [7]
> Thank you

Thanks a lot for this work. Much appreciated, and IMO very useful!



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