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Do you use OpenSSH

It certainly wouldn't be as secure or successful and may not even exist
without OpenBSD.

OpenBSD currently has a shortfall for it's electricity costs and so any
donation's would be much appreciated by the project.

Sorry if you see this as spam it won't happen again.


The OpenBSD project uses a lot of electricity for running the
development and build machines.  A number of logistical reasons
prevents us from moving the machines to another location which might
offer space/power for free, so let's not allow the conversation to go
that way.

We are looking for a Canadian company who will take on our electrical
expenses -- on their books, rather than on our books.  We would be
happiest to find someone who will do this on an annual recurring

That way the various OpenBSD efforts can be supported, yet written off
as an off-site operations cost by such a company.  If we reduce this
cost, it will leave more money for other parts of the project.

We think that a Canadian company is the best choice for accounting
reasons.  If a company in some other jurisdiction feels they can also
do this successfully, we'd be very happy to hear from them as well.

I am not going to disclose the actual numbers here.  Please contact me
for details if serious.


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