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Bug#735927: general: X *always* crashes when ram is full

> You could change the OOM priority of the X server, this would cause
> some other process to be killed instead.

Nice idea, i searched for this "oom" thing (btw it means: out of
memory) and found "OOM Killer". Some pages for future reference:
Looks like nice priority is important when something has to be killed
to free memory (unfortunatelly it's not that important as it does not
take the nice LEVEL into the calculation, if it's -1 or -19, it's the
same...), so i ran chrome by the following command:

nice -19 /opt/google/chrome/google-chrome --password-store=gnome
--disk-cache-size=1 --disk-cache-dir=/dev/null

Then i ran the following command in a shell under root:

while true ; do for i in $(pidof chrome) ; do pid=$(($i+0)) && if
[[ $pid -ne 0 ]] ; then echo -999 > "/proc/$i/oom_score_adj" ; fi ;
done ; sleep 1 ; done

and opened some youtube videos, and the X crashed again.
(Please check my commands, did i do everything right?)

And no messages from oom_killer in /var/log/messages .
So looks like it's not an oom killer thing happening.

btw i ran the same tests on the same computer but with ubuntu 11.04
kernel 2.6.38 , no crashes!! Same shared video memory, same intel
hardware, different kernel (drivers?).

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