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Re: GnuTLS in Debian

Op 23-12-13 23:43, Clint Adams schreef:
> GPLv2-only folks should be made to see how their antisocial
> behavior is harming everyone.  I think this is a delightful
> situation for them to be in.

I am not a member of the church of GNU, nor do I wish to be. I respect
Richard Stallman (and his band of followers) for what he's accomplished
in jumpstarting the Free Software movement (and the Open Source movement
as an offshoot of that), but since I fundamentally do not agree with
everything the FSF proclaims, I do not trust them to *only* come up with
licenses that protect the rights that I think free software should
protect for its users. Therefore, while I don't mind contributing to a
piece of software that comes with an "or later" clause, I am not likely
to pick a license with an "or later" clause for anything I write myself.

This goes for GPLvX "or later", but also for other "or later" licenses,
where they exist.

I'm convinced that the GPLv2 is a free license, but I'm so far undecided
on the GPLv3 (mainly because I've not read the license text in much
detail myself yet since it's far too long and I just never had the time).

How is that in any way antisocial?

This end should point toward the ground if you want to go to space.

If it starts pointing toward space you are having a bad problem and you
will not go to space today.

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