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Re: RFH: sane-backends FTBFS on buildds, but not in pbuilder


* John Paul Adrian Glaubitz (glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de) [140118 18:26]:
> Unfortunately, this package currently fails to build on the buildds
> while it builds fine when building in a pbuilder environment [1].

Did you try to build it with dpkg-buildpackage -B (i.e. not building
binary-all-packages)? If that works, could you compare the log between
your build and the one on the i386 buildd (and in best case, just
build in an i386 chroot)?

> The builds fails during dh_installdocs which previously worked fine,
> the debian/rules file is identical for version 1.0.23-3 and 1.0.24-1,
> so the issue must lie somewhere else.

It seems to me that sane.ps is not built.


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