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Bug#735927: general: X *always* crashes when ram is full

ok, another way to reproduce without chrome or flash or youtube:

reboot to a clean system, dont run anything, only an X and a console
# mkdir /tmp/foo
# mount -t tmpfs none /tmp/foo -o size=900m
# dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/foo/bar
(a message comes with device full)
(now you cannot give any new command in bash as there is no memory to
start a new shell for you command: error message: "bash: fork: cannot
allocate memory")
now wait a few seconds, move your mouse, etc, boom, the x crashes:
(EE) intel(0): Failed to submit batch buffer, expect rendering
corruption or even a frozen display: No space left on device.

note: this time i've set the bios parameters to the *MAXIMUM* values:
so there should be plenty of video memory and note that i didnt run
much program that needs video memory.

Now testing this method on my desktop machine which has 12GB(!) ram and
kdm+kde did not crash the X. The system suffered, lagged but did not
crashed. After filling the tmpfs i opened some new chrome tabs (the
only reason i'm using chrome is nothing else i use eats memory like it),
waited for ~10 minutes, chrome did not respond but did not crash. Then i
allocated some more ram again in the tmpfs, the system console had some
messages it is killing the chrome to free ram, some chrome tabs
"crashed", but the X did not.
After this i've logged out and logged in to my girlfriends account, she
uses xfce. Did the same as above, X did not crash, so it's not looking
like an xfce-bug.
Note that my desktop machine has a video card with DEDICATED video ram.

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