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Re: Open Source Survey - http://goo.gl/5bwR9t

Jonas Smedegaard <dr <at> jones.dk> writes:

> Quoting Michael Kaserer (2014-01-08 11:00:50)
> > We are two students currently working on a research project regarding 
> > motivation for contributing to Open Source projects. You can help us 
> > by filling out the following web-survey, it only takes max. 2 minutes!

The survey asks which of the reasons is the most important one,
but one cannot choose the free-form “other” reason there, and
this is a mandatory field.

> > This is the link: http://goo.gl/5bwR9t
> You might take into account when judging the results of that the survey 
> is skewed by its making use of a tracking URL that some contributors are 
> strongly opposed to follow.

It’s even worse: the short link leads to:

Amazingly enough, the whole thing works with Lynx.

Totally negatively surprising, about half of the survey
is automatically translated into the native language of
the country Google thinks your IP address belongs too,
with no obvious way (in either Lynx or $gui_BROWSER) to
change the language. Well, not precisely surprising, but
still a definitive minus.


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