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Re: Better pdiff handling for apt

Server-side? Don't know - but client-side merging is not difficult (and
implementations of it exists already now), so if this is a problem
server-side, my personal recommendation would be to do merging only on
the client side.

I've asked this after reading Anthony's message where he says:

(I think a nice efficient compromise method would be Patch-Step-Size:
8 8 4 4 4 4 2 2 1, which would only update a lg(diffs) each time you
updated the packages file, and only require users to download and
apply a maximum of lg(diffs) to get up to date)

As I understand that means old patches (8, 4...) are logically "merged" into one file on the server side... Did I understand it correctly?

With best regards,
  Vitaliy Filippov

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