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Re: [RFH] !!SOS!! totally hosed init system

On Fri, Jan 03, 2014 at 10:20:57AM +0000, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> after a dist-upgrade, my sid system wouldn’t boot at all any more: no
> network (because udev didn’t rename eth1 to eth0), read-only filesystem,
> I was dumped into a root shell after being asked for the root password,
> but by then the filesystem was read-write.
> I was running file-rc and decided to revert to sysv-rc. Bad idea, now
> I had /etc/rc2.d/S01sendsigs and /etc/rc2.d/S24single – you can imagine
> this was not any better. I blame 3dab3d4d3e911c779a3d6c998b20609053dd5b88
> in collab-maint/sysvinit for this.

> Now, question to both sysvinit/sysv-rc and upstart people:
> how do I “un-hose” this system? I need this for $dayjob, and
> I can’t even run Kontact because Akonadi won’t start (and I
> need the PIM functionality from it).

Did you try running insserv by hand to restore the links?  Did
the maintainer scripts restore any of the links for you?

> And: why did this happen in the first place?

If you're referring to the commit above, it's because we've fully
transitioned to dependency-based boot for wheezy, so the hardcoded
runlevel ordering isn't used any more (at all), even for file-rc.
Note that file-rc was also updated to use insserv, so it too was
also using dynamic ordering.  So the above removal should have had
zero effect upon use of either system--both systems were already
using the "defaults" option implicitly.

The real problem here is probably that the maintainer scripts for
handling the transition between the file-rc and sysv-rc systems
may not be doing their job robustly.  It should be possible for
it to transition seamlessly between the two since they are just
describing the same stuff in a different way.  This is probably
a bug in the file-rc prerm/postrm and/or the sysv-rc
preinst/postinst.  IIRC file-rc should restore the sysv-rc links
and sysv-rc should make sure insserv is run again.  If any
file-rc users could investigate this in more detail, that would
be much appreciated.  I thought this was all working for wheezy
from my own testing of it in VMs, but I'm not a file-rc user,
and there may be cases where the configuration isn't being


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