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Re: Bug#682045: libtool: please mark libtool multi-arch: allowed

Am 09.01.2014 20:20, schrieb Colin Watson:
> Apparently, though, quite a few packages do fail to build with
> /usr/bin/libtool split out.  I don't have numbers yet - Matthias said he
> was going to summarise.  Still, I think this will be easier to fix than
> trying to get an M-A: allowed libtool to work properly.

Here are the results from a test rebuild of Ubuntu trusty (main component only,
around 2000 packages building binary-arch packages).  There are around 25 build
failures with the libtool binary split-out into a libtool-bin package. Not zero,
but maybe doable, although build systems are more esoteric when you look into
the other components.

Build logs can be found at


apr, curl, cluster-glue, heartbeat, subversion, libunity-webapps:

  have a buildconf script which tries to check the libtool version,
  and then later only uses libtoolize.  The builds can be fixed
  by using libtoolize for the version check in the buildconf script.

  The two buildconf scripts are similar, however I cannot find a
  common source, except for:

  http://sourceforge.net/projects/buildconf/ has a script which
  correctly uses the libtoolize binary, not the libtool binary for
  the vesion check.

  unknown, had a build failure, but works for me.

  uses cdbs, and setting DEB_AUTO_UPDATE_LIBTOOL.
  should be possible to use autoreconf, provided that all the
  needed tools are installed (gnome-doc-common,
  gnome-doc-prepare, mm-common-prepare)

dictd, gexiv, libmaa, libtommath,
  upstream hardcoded use of libtool. libtool is used directly
  without using autoconf/automake.

  These packages will need a b-d on libtool-bin

  hardcoded use of libtool, introduced by the debian
  packaging. sent patch to avoid it.

  configures with --with-system-libtool, and then ftbfs

  libtool related. need to investigate

  build failure, didn't investigate

  checks libtool then uses libtoolize

  interesting configure check:
  checking for the suffix of module shared libraries... ./configure: line 14542:
libtool: command not found

  need to investigate

  uses libtool directly

  need to figure out why

  checks for libtool, then uses libtoolize

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