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Re: Better pdiff handling for apt

+++ Anthony Towns [2014-01-04 20:40 +0800]:
> Salut tout le monde,
> Some time ago (*cough* 2009), I had a play with working out how to
> apply pdiffs more efficiently than apt currently does, and implemented
> a proof of concept in python [0]. There weren't any replies (even a
> "ooo, cool") 

> Anyhoo... Like many, I've been getting annoyed at how tedious pdiff
> application is over the past year, so over Christmas I thought I'd
> have a go at patching apt to do things "properly". I've got it to the
> point where it works now, and apt-get update reports things like:
>    Fetched 199 MB in 50s (3919 kB/s)
> over a 50kB/s link when updating testing+unstable for i386+amd64 for a
> day's worth of changes, rather than reporting 7000 B/s over a megabit
> link. 

ooo, cool  :-)

(that will improve all our lives greatly)

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