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Re: Delegation for the Release Team

On 06/01/14 at 15:24 +0000, Ian Jackson wrote:
> Lucas Nussbaum writes ("Re: Delegation for the Release Team"):
> > Also, I'm surprised that you didn't comment on the last part of my mail.
> (Regarding the TC.)  Well, of course I'm on the TC and the TC has the
> power to rule on disputes about the dev ref.  But right now I don't
> see such a dispute.

No, I was talking about the fact that the DPL can't delegate the power
to change an NMU policy, because that's a power that the DPL doesn't
have. (6.1.1)

> I'm hoping that if Neil files a bug along the lines I suggested, the
> dev ref maintainers would make the change as requested.  That would
> solve the problem completely and everyone would be happy, right ?

Even if Neil was a member of the release team not so long ago, I think
that it would make more sense if a current member of the release team
filed that bug on behalf of the release team.

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