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Bug#735927: general: X *always* crashes when ram is full

On Sun, Jan 19, 2014 at 04:36:51PM +0100, moli wrote:
> @Holger:
> > Or (recommended) just add a small swap partition (say 128MB) to allow
> > the kernel to put unused memory pages on disk so the X server can use
> > them instead.
> I'm sorry, i can not, i only have SSD in that machine. If i enable swap
> in a machine with only 1GB ram it would be in use all day long, every
> time.
> I will try your other recommendations through, please be patient and
> wait for my feedback.

Mount a tmpfs on /tmp with a strict size limit.  You can do this with
/etc/default/tmpfs (RAMTMP, TMPSIZE) or just add an fstab entry.  The
default size is 50% RAM, which is likely the cause of your problems.
This will definitely OOM your system when you fill /tmp; it's normally
backed by swap so has somewhere to move the data to.  The size limit
will definitely constrain what you can store in /tmp though, so it
will bring its own limitations (but will avoid crashing things).

I'm unsure of a better solution I'm afraid.  With an SSD, you really
don't want /tmp or swap on it; using a tmpfs on /tmp makes a world of
difference.  But this is certainly better with swap on a spinning disk.
Swap on the SSD would be better than /tmp on the SSD if you really need
the space--it'll only get used when memory gets tight for the most part
so it might be a compromise worth considering.

If we don't already, the installer could make some adjustments to
RAMTMP/TMPSIZE if the rootfs is on an SSD and/or swap is absent.


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