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Re: ITA: microcom

[Replying to an old message]

20.12.2013 19:29, Uwe Kleine-König wrote:
retitle 726551 ITA: microcom -  minimalistic terminal program
owner 726551 !


my colleagues and I are using microcom much at my work place and the
last upstream releases were done by a colleague. So I'm willing to take
maintainership of the package. The only thing I need help for is: I'm
"only" a DM, so I'd need someone to do

I didn't even knew there's a separate package for microcom before I've
read this email.  However I used microcom alot in the the past and am
still using it -- as a part of busybox suite.  So far it was the easiest
and most available solution for me, since busybox is almost always
installed on any debian system.  So it might be better to just use
already existing implementation... ;)

That's JFYI.



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