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Bug#735884: ITP: ocp-indent -- OCaml indentation tool for emacs and vim

Package: wnpp
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Johannes Schauer <j.schauer@email.de>

* Package name    : ocp-indent
  Version         : 1.4.1
  Upstream Author : Thomas Gazagnaire, Fabrice Le Fessant
* URL             : http://www.typerex.org/ocp-indent.html
* License         : LGPL-3 with OCaml linking exception
  Programming Lang: OCaml
  Description     : OCaml indentation tool for emacs and vim

ocp-indent is a command-line tool that allows one to indent a whole OCaml
source code file (or parts of it) either to standard output or in-place.
A configuration file allows user defaults as well as per-project parameters.
The ratio of correctly indented lines is comparable with emacs tuareg mode
while being an order of magnitude faster.

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