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Re: Bug#733029: dpkg-buildpackage: disable signing by default (-us -uc should be the default)

Le samedi, 4 janvier 2014, 19.54:05 Stefano Rivera a écrit :
> Hi Jonathan (2014.01.02_19:22:33_+0200)
> > >  * having to support remote signing
> > 
> > It would be fair enough to stderr "not supported, please use the
> > older tool in devscripts" and error 1 if such an argument was
> > provided. That would be pragmatic if (as I suspect) -r is rarely
> > used.
> Aww. I'm a frequent user of -r.
> I have better places to build big packages than on my lap, and I
> prefer to keep my GPG key in as few places as possible.

I concur. I build my packages on a server's sbuild and then debsign -r 
from my laptop, then dput from the server.

Please keep this workflow possible with in-archive tools.


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