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Re: mass-filing bug reports to use dh-autoreconf during the build

Am 16.01.2014 18:25, schrieb Matthias Klose:
> Last year, I started to file bug reports for the arm64 port, which required new
> versions of the config.sub and config.guess scripts.  All of these can be fixed
> by using the autotools-dev package for the update.  Now, another port requires
> not just updates to the config.* scripts, but an update to libtool.m4  and then
> regenerating the configure file (see #726404).  I would like to file bug reports
> for these and user-tag them, proposing as user / usertags
>   User: debian-devel@lists.debian.org
>   Usertags: autoreconf
> For packages using recent versions of autoconf and automake, the patches are
> simple, calling dh_autoreconf in the rules file and adding a b-d on
> dh-autoreconf.  Packages using older autotools versions may need setting of
> environment vars to call the appropriate old autotools scripts.  Other packages
> need additional b-d's to pick up .m4 files for the regeneration of the configure
> scripts.  There may be small number of packages where the files needed to
> regenerate the configure scripts are not in the archive (gutenprint might be
> such an example)
> I expect that some hundred bug reports would be filed for this.

I did update https://wiki.debian.org/qa.debian.org/FTBFS with these instructions.

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