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Re: [RFH] !!SOS!! totally hosed init system

On 01/03/2014 02:11 PM, Thorsten Glaser wrote:
> Someone broke the setup. This happens with any system.
> I just can’t figure it out because, thanks to insserv,
> even with file-rc it became too complex to fix.

I actually agree with Joss, here, sorry. And going back to the 80ies
isn't really what most people want. Dependencies are necessary to
suit the needs for various setups like servers, desktops, tablets,
notebooks and so on.

> And: please do not respond to eMails from me any more.

Come on, no need to be huffy here. Joss really has a point. I guess
he could have said it more politely, but I think a bit of schadenfreude
from his side isn't too bad.

At least you get the idea now why people are arguing over this issue.
Just imagine now something like this happens to a home NFS server
in a company department with 1200 users. They'd be flooding the IT
hotline in no time and yes, I have experienced that.


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