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Re: [RFH] Local wanna-build and buildd setup in unstable

On Sun, Jan 26, 2014 at 09:36:52PM +0000, Wookey wrote:
> +++ Karsten Merker [2014-01-26 21:13 +0100]:

> > I am trying to setup a local wanna-build instance together with a
> > local buildd and a local package repository.
> Do you need to be wanna-build compatible? There are several other buildd
> systems that are easier to set up, but of course have pros/cons compared
> to W-B.
> Depending on what you want to do one of these might be suitable:
> Rebuildd (Very simple, everything-on-one-box, some limitations)
> Debile (Nice but firewoes is not packaged yet so hard to install right now)
> Pybit (Reasonably capable and packaged)

Thanks, I will look at them.

> Mind you it seems like you have got far enough with W-B that it is worth
> persevering at this point.

Still trying :-). The major problem for me at the moment is that
I do not know whether the communication problem originates on the
buildd or on the wanna-build side and what the protocol between
them is actually supposed to look like.

I would appreciate very much if somebody who has already
successfully set up wanna-build and buildd could give me some
hints or point me to appropriate documentation.  As wanna-build
and buildd are in productive use, obviously somebody has got them
to work together ;-).

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