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Re: Bug#733860: ITP: pond -- Forward secure, asynchronous messaging for the discerning.

Philip Rinn:
> Hi,
> I think it's important to add also the paragraph about actual usability for the
> homepage:
> Dear God, please don't use Pond for anything real yet. I've hammered out nearly
> 20K lines of code that have never been reviewed. Unless you're looking to
> experiment you should go use something that actually works (e.g. GnuPG).[0]
> I general I'd ask if it's not better to wait for code reviews before packaging it.
> Best,
> Philip
> [0] https://pond.imperialviolet.org

I use Pond regularly on machines that run Debian and Tails. I'd also be
happy to give it a shot at packaging it in about a month. I think it is
fine to package but it should include the warning from the author.

All the best,

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