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Re: /etc/hosts and resolving of the local host/domainname - vs. Re: [Debian-med-packaging] We need a global decision about R data in binary format, and stick to it. Re: [Debian-uk] Mini-Debconf in Cambridge, UK - November 14-17 2013 Re: [Pkg-opencl-devel] Bug#719909: ITP: libclc -- Implementation of OpenCL 1.1 Re: [Popcon-developers] Encrypted popcon submissions Re: now exports project meta-data as RDF (using DOAP/ADMS.SW) Re: Anybody using guilt (git+quilt)? Anybody using quilt? arm laptops and d-i asking for advice: all dependencies incl. version numbers Re: best policies for third party Debian packaging and get-orig-source target Re: Bug#646894: ITP: maitreya -- Vedic and western astrology Bug#697477: ITP: ostree -- Linux-based operating system develop/build/deploy tool Re: Bug#704594: python-debian: switch ar implementation to python-arpy Re: Bug#709497: [src:ruby-gsl] Documentation is non free Bug#714212: which xserver? Re: Bug#716981: ITP: libcore-cache-clojure -- cache abstraction library Re: Bug#717083: ITP: pychef -- Python library to interact with the Chef server API Re: Bug#717785: ITP: python-termcolor -- ANSII Color formatting for output in terminal Bug#718461: ITP: cgrand-regex-clojure -- Composable regexes for Clojure Bug#718464: ITP: tools-cli-clojure -- command line argument parser for Clojure Bug#718554: ITP: python-flask-login -- User session management for Flask Bug#718555: ITP: python-flask-principal -- Identity management for flask Bug#718560: ITP: nbdkit -- toolkit for creating NBD servers Bug#718580: ITP: mayan -- Django-based Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) Bug#718589: ITP: python-tornadio2 -- 0.7+ server implementation on top of Tornado Bug#718591: ITP: octoprint -- Responsive web interface for 3D printers Bug#718631: ITP: t4kcommon -- common library for tux4kids Bug#718642: ITP: fr24feed -- Forward ADS-B messages to feed Bug#718664: ITP: htseq -- high-throughput genome sequencing analysis. Bug#718769: ITP: clsync -- live sync tool based on inotify, written in GNU C Bug#718775: ITP: clojurehelper -- Helper scripts for packaging Clojure programs Bug#718791: ITP: mikutter -- Simple, powerful and moeful twitter client Bug#718910: ITP: systemd-cron -- systemd units to provide minimal cron daemon functionality Bug#718912: ITP: pdfjs -- PDF reader in Javascript Bug#718952: ITP: php-mysqlnd-ms -- MySQL replication and load balancing module for PHP Bug#718956: ITP: printrun -- 3D-printing host software Bug#718980: ITP: python3-lirc -- LIRC support for Python 3. Bug#718981: ITP: ruby-colorator -- String extension for terminal coloring Bug#719012: ITP: fonts-humor-sans -- a font in the style of xkcd Bug#719042: ITP: pywws -- Python software for wireless weather stations Bug#719050: general: reportbug is not able to file bugs against some packages. Bug#719145: ITP: libdata-pond-perl -- Perl-based open notation for data module Bug#719146: ITP: libtime-olsontz-data-perl -- Olson timezone data wrapper Bug#719149: ITP: libdatetime-timezone-olson-perl -- module for accessing timezones from the Olson database Bug#719152: ITP: libipc-filter-perl -- module to filter data through an external process Bug#719169: ITP: minetruco -- Bluffing trick-taking card game played in Brazil Bug#719211: ITP: lnav -- nurses-based log file viewer Bug#719220: ITP: libtime-olsontz-download-perl -- Olson timezone database source module Bug#719233: ITP: python-cyclone -- web server framework for Python Twisted using the Tornado API Bug#719291: ITP: pkg-perl-tools -- collection of tools for packaging Perl modules in Debian Bug#719298: ITP: libmoox-types-setobject-perl -- Set::Object type for Moo Bug#719299: ITP: libmoox-types-mooselike-numeric-perl -- Moo types for numbers Bug#719307: ITP: ruby-parseconfig -- Simple standard configuration file parser for Ruby Bug#719308: ITP: ruby-rack-flash3 -- Flash hash for Ruby Rack applications Bug#719310: ITP: ruby-simple-navigation -- A library to create navigations for Ruby web applications Bug#719312: ITP: ruby-sinatra-simple-navigation -- Create simple navigations for Sinatra or Padrino web applications Bug#719313: ITP: ruby-blockenspiel -- A comprehensive implementation of Ruby DSL blocks Bug#719314: ITP: ruby-versionomy -- A generalized version number class for Ruby Bug#719315: ITP: taskwarrior-web -- A web interface for the Taskwarrior todo application Bug#719323: ITP: jackson-core -- fast and powerful JSON library for Java Bug#719330: RFH: jmol -- Molecular Viewer Bug#719332: ITP: r-cran-sparsem -- GNU R basic linear algebra for sparse matrices Bug#719356: ITP: libarchive-any-lite-perl -- simple CPAN package extractor Bug#719421: ITP: libreturn-multilevel-perl -- Perl module to enable returning from a nested call stack Bug#719436: ITP: autorevision -- extracts metadata about the current revision from your repository Bug#719458: ITP: python-contextlib2 -- Backported utilities for context management Bug#719480: ITP: libmodule-path-perl -- module to get the full path to a locally installed Perl module Bug#719491: ITP: morris -- Nine men's morris game for the gnome desktop Bug#719526: ITP: attic -- deduplicating backup program Bug#719556: ITP: logcat-color -- a colorful alternative to "adb logcat" Bug#719572: ITP: ruby-unicode -- Unicode string manipulation library for Ruby Bug#719595: ITP: mussort -- simple tool that sorts a music collection Bug#719637: ITP: python-virtualenv-clone -- A script for cloning a non-relocatable virtualenv Bug#719645: ITP: fedmsg-meta-debian -- Debian-specific processors for the FedMsg bus Bug#719654: ITP: mpv -- video player based on MPlayer/mplayer2 Bug#719655: ITP: svnstsw -- SVNServe Tunnel-mode Setuid/setgid Wrapper Re: Bug#719673: ITP: needrestart -- needrestart checks which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades Bug#719673: ITP: needrestart -- needrestart checks which daemons need to be restarted after library upgrades Bug#719682: ITP: rarcrack -- Password cracker for rar archives Bug#719684: ITP: libconfig-model-tester-perl -- Test framework for Config::Model Bug#719688: ITP: node-delayed-stream -- Buffer stream events for later handling - module for Node.js Bug#719690: ITP: node-combine-stream -- Append streams one after another - module for Node.js Bug#719694: ITP: libgumbo - A pure-C HTML5 parser Bug#719704: ITP: node-form-data -- Create readable multipart/form-data streams module for Node.js Bug#719712: ITP: node-forever-agent -- HTTP agent supporting keep-alive requests - module for Node.js Bug#719716: ITP: node-tunnel-agent -- HTTP proxy tunneling agent module for Node.js Bug#719719: ITP: bind10 -- ISC's Internet Domain Name Server Bug#719724: ITP: node-oauth-sign -- OAuth 1 signing module for Node.js Bug#719752: ITP: node-cookie-jar -- HTTP Cookie Jar for agents - module for Node.js Bug#719787: ITP: fonts-klaudia-berenika -- font family based on Celtic inscriptions Bug#719795: ITP: lua-lpty -- PTY library for the Lua language Bug#719809: ITP: python-django-taggit -- simple tagging for Django Bug#719846: ITP: node-languages4translatewiki -- Javascript globalization and localization for Node.js Bug#719881: ITP: node-brewer -- Asset manager for web applications Bug#719882: ITP: prosody-modules -- extension modules for Prosody Bug#719891: ITP: pink-pony -- 3D racing game with ponies Bug#719909: ITP: libclc -- Implementation of OpenCL 1.1 Bug#719951: general: Autoremove Wants to remove Entire system Bug#719968: ITP: python-crcmod -- CRC Generator Bug#719971: ITP: python-oauth2client -- OAuth 2.0 client library Bug#719974: ITP: python-uritemplate -- implementation of RFC6570 Bug#719976: ITP: python-socksipy -- adds support for connection through a SOCKS proxy server Bug#719977: ITP: google-apputils -- Google Application Utilities for Python Bug#719981: ITP: google-api-python-client -- core Python library for accessing Google APIs Bug#720015: ITP: selenium -- Browser automation Bug#720023: ITP: libtest-warnings-perl -- Test for warnings and the lack of them Bug#720024: ITP: cookiecutter -- create projects from project templates Bug#720079: ITP: puppet-module-puppetlabs-stdlib -- Puppet standard library Bug#720086: ITP: puppet-module-puppetlabs-apt -- Puppet module for APT Bug#720091: ITP: puppet-module-puppetlabs-inifile -- Puppet module for ini files Bug#720094: ITP: puppet-module-puppetlabs-ntp -- Puppet module for ntp Bug#720101: ITP: jnlp-servlet -- simple and convenient packaging format for JNLP applications Bug#720123: ITP: apt-wishlist -- Utility that allows users to request their sysadmin to install some package Bug#720135: ITP: pyper -- Easily transform text into other forms using stackable filters Bug#720138: general: weekly cron crashed Bug#720196: ITP: vpcs -- Virtual PC Simulator Bug#720202: ITP: qreator -- utility for creating QR codes Bug#720206: ITP: liblexical-var-perl -- Perl module for using static variables without namespace pollution Bug#720209: ITP: libinotify-kqueue -- inotify compatible implementation using kqueue Bug#720282: ITP: python-nine -- Python 2 / 3 compatibility, like six, but favouring Python 3 Bug#720291: ITP: puppet-module-puppetlabs-concat -- Puppet module that can construct files from fragments Bug#720294: ITP: puppet-module-puppetlabs-vswitch -- Puppet module for vSwitches Bug#720326: ITP: dualword-index -- Xapian index viewer... Bug#720327: ITP: esu -- It allows to copy files with different checksums on the fly. Bug#720336: ITP: ruby-puma -- Puma: A Ruby Web Server Built For Concurrency Bug#720347: ITP: jaxb2-maven-plugin -- interlinking XML files with Java Objects from Bug#720349: ITP: tcl-tdbc-sqlite3 -- Sqlite3 driver for package tdbc (Tcl Database Connectivity) Bug#720380: ITP: node-sha -- Check and get file or stream hashes - module for Node.js Bug#720410: ITP: tdbcmysql -- Mysql driver for the TDBC database connectivity Bug#720420: ITP: libmetabase-fact-perl -- base class for Metabase Facts Bug#720477: ITP: r-cran-fastcluster -- Fast hierarchical clustering routines for GNU R Bug#720503: ITP: jackson-annotations -- fast and powerful JSON library for Java -- annotations Bug#720504: ITP: jackson-databind -- fast and powerful JSON library for Java -- data binding Bug#720505: ITP: jackson-dataformat-smile -- fast and powerful JSON library for Java -- Smile dataformat Bug#720506: ITP: jackson-dataformat-yaml -- fast and powerful JSON library for Java -- YAML dataformat Bug#720518: ITP: tdbcpostgres -- Postgresql driver for the TDBC datatabase connectivity Bug#720536: ITP: libmango-perl -- Pure-Perl non-blocking I/O MongoDB client Bug#720537: ITP: r-bioc-iranges -- GNU R low-level containers for storing sets of integer ranges Bug#720546: ITP: r-bioc-affyio -- BioConductor tools for parsing Affymetrix data files Bug#720547: ITP: ocaml-estring -- Estring: OCaml development platform Bug#720550: ITP: r-bioc-preprocesscore -- BioConductor collection of pre-processing functions Bug#720577: ITP: python-qt4reactor -- Provides support for Twisted to be driven by the Qt mainloop Bug#720579: ITP: r-bioc-biocinstaller -- Install/Update Bioconductor and CRAN Packages Bug#720583: ITP: r-bioc-graph -- handle graph data structures for BioConductor Bug#720709: ITP: ruby-pcaprub -- Ruby bindings for LBL Packet Capture library (libpcap) Bug#720772: ITP: tdbcodbc -- ODBC driver for the TDBC database connectivity Bug#720773: ITP: tdbcodbc -- ODBC driver for TDBC database connectivity Bug#720876: ITP: doxia-1.0 -- 1.0 alpha version of Doxia from codehaus Bug#720878: ITP: ngrok -- secure introspectable tunnels to localhost Bug#720916: ITP: x11-touchscreen-calibrator -- X Window System's Touchscreen Calibrator Bug#720922: ITP: reclass -- hierarchical inventory backend for configuration management systems Bug#720942: ITP: golang-log4go-dev -- Go package for level-based and highly configurable logging Bug#720943: ITP: golang-websocket-dev -- implementation of the WebSocket (RFC6455) for Go Bug#720945: ITP: golang-termbox-dev -- pure Go implementation of termbox library Bug#720947: ITP: golang-metrics-dev -- Go package to capture application-level metrics Bug#720984: ITP: minetest-mod-mesecons -- Minetest mod - Counterpart of Redstone Bug#720997: ITP: minetest-mod-worldedit -- Minetest mod - ingame world editor Bug#721006: ITP: mugshot -- A lightweight user-configuration application Bug#721073: ITP: minetest-mod-pipeworks -- Minetest mod - Pipeworks Bug#721086: ITP: minetest-mod-plantlife -- Minetest mod - Plantlife Bug#721098: ITP: python-pypump -- an interface to the APIs Bug#721121: ITP: minetest-mod-moreores -- Minetest mod - More Ores Bug#721193: ITP: minetest-mod-moreblocks -- Minetest mod - More Blocks Bug#721194: ITP: mapnik-vector-tile -- Vector tiles integration with mapnik - development files Bug#721197: ITP: minetest-mod-technic -- Minetest mod - Technic Bug#721200: ITP: minetest-mod-moretrees -- Minetest mod - more trees Bug#721267: ITP: iwsy -- Analyze #includes in C and C++ source files Bug#721289: ITP: libapp-fatpacker-perl -- module to pack dependencies onto script files Bug#721290: ITP: libmodule-reader-perl -- module to read the source of a module like perl does Bug#721342: ITP: autolatex - an automated system for building LaTeX documents Bug#721392: ITP: acr -- autoconf like tool Bug#721439: ITP: golang-openldap-dev -- OpenLDAP client integration for Go, using cgo. Re: build warnings treated as failures C++11 Re: Custom Reload command/signal in upstart Debian enquiry about data files in munsell Debian running on handhelds (or for terminals) debian-cross mailing list created Re: DebianBootstrap supported in which Debian suites? Dreamhost dumps Debian Fake cross-toolchains via multiarch Finding correct component for Virtual Box / Debian / screen resolution issue Re: For those who care: testing Debian on Re: fotoxx: new upstream version available Re: getaddrinfo() return value chaos gfortran: handling binNMU for .mod file format change Re: How git performs when you throw all of Debian at it Importing autopkgtests from Ubuntu [Was: Bits from the Release] Introducing dgit - git integration with the Debian archive ITP: apache-log4j2 -- Apache logging framework for Java Fwd: ITP: capnproto -- Cap'n Proto: a fast data interchange format & capability-based RPC system. ITP: erfa -- Image visualization and access to catalogs and data for astronomy ITP: libjt400-java -- JDBC driver for DB2 on AS/400 (iSeries) ITP: skycat -- Image visualization and access to catalogs and data for astronomy ITP: skype4py, can somebody sponsor it for me? Re: jessie release goal: verbose build logs Keeping feature requests and other non-real bugs in Debian's BTS? Re: Less dinstall FTW? Less dinstall FTW? the local host/domainname - vs.; Debian Reference updated. Re: Location for Fortran90 module files Longer maintainance for (former) stable releases of Debian (Re: Dreamhost dumps Debian) The last update was on 07:36 GMT Sun Apr 15. There are 716 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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