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Re: Less dinstall FTW?

Raphael Hertzog writes ("Re: Less dinstall FTW?"):
> It's probably a good idea to run dinstall more often but to push to
> mirrors only once or twice a day. That would probably imply keeping
> already processed packages for an entire day on incoming.d.o as well
> so that they don't disappear there before having hit the public mirrors.

Please let's not do this.  Doing this would mean that after an upload
there would be an even longer period where the archive database says
that sid has version X but in fact it's difficult to find a copy of
version X anywhere because the main archive and mirrors still have

I would like to see the "upload race" (ie, the period of time during
which someone might unwittingly upload over the top of someone else)
fixed, rather than increased.


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