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the local host/domainname - vs.; Debian Reference updated.


On Mon, Aug 05, 2013 at 01:08:28PM -0400, Thomas Hood wrote:
> > /etc/hosts like these per default:
> > localhost
> > <host_name>.<domain_name> <host_name>
> > As also described in the Debian reference[2].
> That's not entirely accurate. Wheezy and Ubuntu Desktop install
> an /etc/hosts like the following, without a domain_name.
> localhost
> <host_name>
> The Debian Reference is out of date.

Fixed. :-)

> localhost hostname.domain hostname
> in which case 'localhost' is the canonical name for alias 'hostname'.
> > or, alternatively:
> > hostname.domain hostname localhost
> In that case 'hostname.domain' is the canonical name for alias 'localhost'.
> Before any move is made to conflate the system hostname with
> 'localhost' in this way I'd like to see some proof that this no longer

Please ping me if this happens.


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