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Re: Introducing dgit - git integration with the Debian archive


On Thu, 22 Aug 2013, Ian Jackson wrote:
> I'm pleased to announce that dgit 0.7, which is a version of dgit
> suitable for alpha and beta testers, is available in unstable.
> >From the manpage:
>        dgit [dgit-opts] clone [dgit-opts] package [suite] [./dir|/dir]
>        dgit [dgit-opts] fetch|pull [dgit-opts] [suite]
>        dgit [dgit-opts] build|sbuild [build-opts]
>        dgit [dgit-opts] push [dgit-opts] [suite]
>        dgit treats the Debian archive as a version control system, and
>        bidirectionally gateways between the archive and git.  The git

Basically, this is "Ubuntu Distributed Development" (UDD) but for Debian &
Git (instead of Ubuntu & bzr).

Have you looked at UDD? They have been doing this for multiple years and
have much more experience than us here. I'm sure there a quite a few
things to learn from what they did to not redo the same mistakes.


I'm putting James Westby in CC (as I believe he's one of the core UDD
developers, and also a Debian contributor). He might want to review dgit
and share his hindsights.

Among notable differences there's that dgit contrary to UDD decentralizes
the creation of the branch with all the archive uploads. But I never used
UDD and don't know it well enough to comment much more than that.

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