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Re: Dreamhost dumps Debian

 ❦ 20 août 2013 02:04 CEST, Charles Plessy <plessy@debian.org> :

>> Just to say that Debian usually has a 3 year support.
> Hi Vincent,
> this actually misleading for systems that have a long lifetime, where the
> turnover matters more, and in Debian it is 2 years.  In some workplaces It
> means that every second year, some people would have to discuss and reach an
> agreement on whether it is doable to upgrade a service, how much it will cost,
> or should it be discontinued or not, etc.  There, the 5-year or longer turnover
> in Ubuntu or CentOS is a winning point.

I don't get the point. If we compare to 5-year, then Debian is
3-year. Ubuntu just defines its turnover to 5 years while we say next
release plus one year which is usually 3 years.

> A long term support for core packages would definitely help me to advocate
> Debian in my workplace (and therefore use it on our servers instead of CentOS).
> Also, I do not think that it is relaxing our standards, since it is an
> additional service: there is no reduction in the current support.

I would also welcome such a thing. But, we seem to not have the needed
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