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Re: jessie release goal: verbose build logs

On Wed, 14 Aug 2013, Guillem Jover wrote:
> Definitely, and planned (#476221) to be fixed pretty soon. But the
> problem is that this can not be enabled by default (only through an
> option initially, until the upper layers rely on a dpkg-buildpackage
> with such option and use it) because the different tools might fight
> over the file and might either truncate it or write duplicate data,
> etc. Using a different path might be an issue for builds producing
> huge log files.

Great to see that you want to take care of this, but can you let us know
how you plan to let dpkg-buildpackage cooperate with the upper layer tools
to have a full log file that can be added to .changes?

If we don't care about adding it to .changes, then it's trivial,
dpkg-buildpackage can just ignore the file, but otherwise we need
some way to transfer the control of the log file or something similar.

The requirements IMO is to have the start of the log from the upper layer
(i.e. sbuild setup of build dependencies) but also have the log properly
closed at the time dpkg-buildpackage runs dpkg-genchanges, because once
it has been added to the .changes it should not be further modified

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