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Debian enquiry about data files in munsell


I've been (sort of) deputized by the Debian Med team, who are trying to get munsell into Debian as r-cran-munsell. But they have hit a bit of a hitch. The FTPmasters, who are Debian's gatekeepers, are wondering about the data files in munsell.

You ship the file R/sysdata.rda which can be created from the text file inst/raw/real.dat using inst/raw/getmunsellmap.R.

So, Debian wants to know where this data table inst/raw/real.dat comes from, how it was created, and what the preferred way to modify it is.

There are a couple of issues here. First, I think it is simply a question of what the license for inst/raw/real.dat is. Secondly, Debian policy says that source files should be shipped in the preferred form for modification.

But if necessary Charles or one of the other Debian Med people can clarify.

                                                           Regards, Faheem

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