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Re: Finding correct component for Virtual Box / Debian / screen resolution issue

On Tue, Aug 6, 2013 at 11:42 PM, Ben Hutchings wrote:

> Linux doesn't (normally) control the fan speed; that's handled by a
> microcontroller.

Hmm, ok.

> And where should that manual configuration come from, if thinkfan is
> automatically installed?

I created mine by reading the documentation in the config file,
probably it needs some user notification of some sort though.

> You would be better off checking for BIOS updates and maybe cleaning the
> fan (this is what happened to mine after a few years:
> https://twitter.com/benhutchingsuk/status/294644053973295106/photo/1 )

BIOS updates haven't helped so far. The issue is that the maximum fan
RPM (8000 or so) is not able to be reached without thinkfan, the
maximum in that case is around 4000, which isn't sufficient when the
CPU is under load.

There are a number of other fan control daemons in Debian and
elsewhere, so I guess this isn't an isolated problem. I wonder if
Linux should take over this job entirely, where the firmware is known
to not control fans properly or just everywhere.

https://github.com/MikaelStrom/macfanctld (ITP #706605)
https://01.org/linux-thermal-daemon (needs packaging)



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