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Re: Dreamhost dumps Debian

+++ Ian Jackson [2013-08-20 16:05 +0100]:

> The bigger problem for a Debian LTS is this: 1. who is going to do
> security support for it ? 

Ideally it would be the people that want releases supported longer -
e.g this dreamhost outfit, and presumably many organisations like them.

Security support is a very parallelisable task, so a small amout of
work by a lot of interested people ought to be do-able, but for
whatever reason this never seems to have prospered as a model. It
would be interesting to know why those entities that would like the
LTS don't choose to do this. Is it just because we don't make it easy
for them or because of free-loader aspects?

I have always thought that there was room for a business selling
longer-term Debian support. Maybe someone does? 

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