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Re: Dreamhost dumps Debian

Excerpts from Kevin Chadwick's message of 2013-08-21 08:45:27 -0700:
> My point of view is that Debian Stable should be aiming for whatever
> they believe the sweet point between stable and so usable without having
> problems is and maximising security. Aka maximising productivity and
> safety with no other concerns or compromises.
> Large hosting companies not having made their scripts etc. good enough
> to ride out upgrades well should have nothing to do with any decision.
> In fact they are best positioned man power wise to be able to set up a
> test rig and then deploy compared to small hosting companies.
> Does anyone even know for sure what the decision to switch was actually
> based upon?

IIRC, the blog post cites exactly that, too short releases.

It also doesn't hurt that OpenStack does all commit gating on Ubuntu,
thus making Ubuntu the preferred platform (RHEL/CentOS will likely join
Ubuntu in the gate someday soon). DreamHost is a player in OpenStack,
so it may be that the momentum of Ubuntu plus OpenStack is just too
great to ignore with the added pain of the 2 year upgrade treadmill.

I will ask them when I visit their offices at the next OpenStack LA
meetup. :)

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