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Re: Less dinstall FTW?

Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> Now there are those of us who think that this is against "the spirit" of
> having multiple dinstalls and that having apt-able incoming repositories
> will only lead to people with "versionitis" repeatedly abuse apt-get
> update, and not actually help development significantly.

> The ones who actually would use apt-able incoming, IMO, are the ones 
> who create a support nightmare, and only few would make good use of it.
> Those few who can easily download the .deb manually, the very seldom
> times a bugfix is that urgent for someone. All the rest, IMO, would
> be the versionitis only.

I am disturbed by the repeated use of this disparaging "versionitis" term
in this thread.

Wanting to be able to rapidly iterate as we develop a very complicated
distribution is not "verionitis". It's sound software development
principles. Reducing the time it takes to compile something and be able
to test it is one way to increase your productivity. This is true
whether you're compiling a simple C program or a complete distribution CD.

see shy jo

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