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Re: DebianBootstrap supported in which Debian suites?

Jonas Smedegaard <dr <at> jones.dk> writes:

> What I will do for now is to just add those extra build-dependencies and 
> add a note to README.source which build-dependencies can be manually 
> dropped in a custom bootstrap build.  I realize how painful it is for 

For “unimportant” packages, that is, ones below the radar of the porters,
they will never _see_ them at all: they just show up as Build-Depends-
Uninstallable in wanna-build and never be noticed.

I agree we really need to move the staged builds forward. There is some
consēnsus on how to do that, the syntax, etc. but that’s about it…

I’d also love to see Test-Depends for source packages, so that you can
build them with “nocheck” set without having those installed. (BSD ports
have this as ${REGRESS_DEPENDS}.)


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