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Re: asking for advice: all dependencies incl. version numbers


Quoting FARKAS, Illes (2013-08-22 17:47:57)
> I'd like to download/parse for each version of each debian package which
> other package versions it depends on. 
> Do you think this information available in managable formats?

In addition to the information Joachim already gave, let me specifically point
you at dose3. It is a framework for working with dependencies and allows you to
parse Packages.bz2 and Sources.bz2 files, create all kinds of dependency graphs
and analyze them and includes a solver for package relationships.

> Have you seen similar work before?

Joachim was pointing you at edos. There exists the tool edos-debcheck (or
edos-distcheck as a more general tool) in the main archive. But instead you
might want to look at the dose3 tools which supersede the edos tools. More
specifically you want to look at the binary packages built from the source
package dose3. The dose-extra binary package contains a tool called ceve which
allows you to build many different kinds of dependency graphs from a
Packages.bz2 file. Maybe this gives you the information you need.

Contact me if you have any trouble.

cheers, josch

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