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Debian running on handhelds (or for terminals)


I wonder what's Debian position in regards to installations on Handhelds.

Over the years, I have installed/contributed in installing Debian on various handheld machines, including�for instance HP Jornadas (Sarge - archive), Psion Revo, Psion 5mx, ... armel, and finally the best of best the Pandora. (The default OS of the Pandora is Angstrom).

As shown, Debian can be readily installed on various platforms / machines, even with a very limited hardware.

What I regret is that end users keep asking: "which light distro for my computer?" Even, if the machine is a bit older.�Today for instance: - the�Samsung VM 8000. In my opinion, this machine is fine enough for Debian.�

Look I could run Debian on a Psion ;)�
(woody installed)�(compiled�terminal applications or install a minimal X11)

My question is as follows:
�- Have we missed something? Publicity?�

- How to fix that? A temptative...

I believe that Debian shall also propose more packages that are suited to terminals, maybe to show that we can run Debian and have also lightweight fast X11 applications. More publicity on lightweight applications? More terminal applications in our repos?

OPIE / GPE (in particular GPE added to our repos) are also a point for having Debian for Handelds.

I believed we might lack of publicity on own easily Debian is installable on handhelds.�
Debian can be installed very light.�I mostly compiled my own apps, based on C, and Debian runs with a limited hardware (cpu/ram...)

Maybe we have missed something or it is not a major concern today?�

- Look Linus talked that one great achievement of Linux is for handhelds (arm).
And more recently, how manage with ARMs?�

Another example on publicity, is our webpage (wiki) is out-dated (well it is difficult to keep all up to date).

I would say that Handhelds (and also older computers) are the future way to go for Debian. Debian is light and installable on various machines.�

For more light-weight packages for Debian:
- Let me know, I could provide terminal packages to our Debian repositories with few packages which greatly helpful�on light platforms.

So, feel free to leave your positive inputs on this hot topic :�
�� - Debian Devs and Handhelds�

and its palm / pocket size companion:

homepage: http://patrick295767.funpic.org/

And for this question again:
"which light distro for my computer?"
- Debian, right? ;) :)

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