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Re: Dreamhost dumps Debian

 ❦ 19 août 2013 22:19 CEST, Clint Byrum <spamaps@debian.org> :

>> Many people seem to justify a switch to Ubuntu LTS with the argument of
>> 5-year security support. This support only applies for packages in
>> main. A common example is nginx which is in universe. Packages in
>> universe are just unsupported. They may or may not get any security
>> support. If you need to advocate for Debian vs Ubuntu, I think this is a
>> strong argument.
> Most places as large and tech-savvy as Dreamhost are happy to maintain
> something at the core of their business like a webserver (i.e. nginx). It
> is glibc, gcc, sshd, the kernel, bash, etc., that they don't want to
> have to think about.
> The 2 year cadence has left users with very little time to actually
> capitalize on their investment when upgrading. If one has 10 apps to
> test and roll out on the new stable, and each app takes 1 month to get
> there, and one starts immediately on release day, one now has 14 months
> to recoup that time investment before one must start again. The only
> real answer that makes sense is to continuously deploy on unstable,
> but then you will suffer when a massive breaking transition begins.
> Those 5 year cycles just give users more cushion.

Russ already replied and I agree with its reply. Just to say that Debian
usually has a 3 year support. This is the kind of misguiding that I
usually hear when people promotes Ubuntu over Debian.

> Also, if you're going to argue Debian vs. Ubuntu, you are going to argue
> that volunteer maintainers on _all_ packages are more desirable than
> paid maintainers on the core OS that you don't want to care about. I am
> not sure that is an argument that I could win, but maybe you are more
> persuasive than I am.

Please, this is FUD. Stick to the facts. What core packages is of lesser
quality in Debian than in Ubuntu?
  * For moronic filesystems that do not allow holes in file.
  * We may have to extend the file.
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