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Re: asking for advice: all dependencies incl. version numbers


Quoting FARKAS, Illes (2013-08-27 10:17:47)
> According to the developer info page of the package (http://
> packages.qa.debian.org/0/0ad.html) there have been also previous versions of
> the package "0ad", for example, versions "0.0.12" and "0.0.11". I would be
> curious to know too the list of package versions that 0ad-0.0.12, 0ad-0.0.11,
> etc depend on.

You can find Packages.bz2 files from Debian all the way back to 2005 at
http://snapshot.debian.org by downloading a sample of these (say, every few
days), you can possibly get enough data for older versions of every package
maintained in Debian since then.

Unfortunately, older versions of Packages.b2 files on snapshot.d.o contain
errors which make it impossible for dose3 to parse them. Since later in your
email you said you might want to use dose3, you might want to have a look at
this script I wrote to clean up and repair old Packages.bz2 files from
snapshot.d.o so that dose3 can parse them:


That script downloads and cleans Packages.bz2 and Sources.bz2 from
snapshot.d.org in a five day interval starting in 2005. You can find a bit more


The result can then be parsed with dose3.

cheers, josch

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