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Re: Dreamhost dumps Debian

On 08/20/2013 05:05 PM, Ian Jackson wrote:
> The bigger problem for a Debian LTS is this: 1. who is going to do
> security support for it ?

My answer is: anyone who cares (and *not* necessarily the package
maintainer) in a free-for-all way, with peer review if possible (not
necessarily by the security team if they are already busy), for the
packages we care about (example: bind9 ...). Also, this could be done by
backporting old-stable packages to very-old-stable in a few cases, if we
can't (because of lack of time?) do otherwise. That would still be
better, IMO, than just dropping security support.

Let's try and see if that works when Squeeze is EOL...

> 2. How are we going to deal with 
> drivers for new hardware - upgrade the kernel to LTS+1's ?

IMO, that's not the problem. What maters is maintaining existing setups,
not allowing people to use very-old-stable with new hardware.


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