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Re: jessie release goal: verbose build logs

(Resending; first copy failed due to MIME non-8-bit-cleanliness damage.)

Joey Hess writes ("Re: jessie release goal: verbose build logs"):
> I've attached a simple proof of concept you can try it out with building
> your own packages.  For example:
>    dpkg-buildpackage | ssssssh
> (The implementation needs to be improved; it should read both stdout and
> stderr and multiplex them properly. And it should check if stdout is not
> to a TTY, and if so avoid munging the build log output. The only other
> problem is that `make` outputs the lines it runs to stderr and so those
> continue to pollute the build display.)

I like the idea, but you need to make this an adverbial command, not a
pipe thing.  This is so that if you _aren't_ \r-mangling, you can pass
dpkg-buildpackage the same actual fd for both stdin and stdout, so
that the interleaving of stdout and stderr is correct.


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