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Re: Introducing dgit - git integration with the Debian archive

On Sun, Aug 25, 2013 at 05:56:00PM +0100, Dmitrijs Ledkovs wrote:
> >> In practice one doesn't actually care how far back the history goes,
> >> as the history that is interesting is where developers get to do
> >> intermediate commits between the two uploads to granulise the
> >> changes....

> > I don't agree with this at all.  I have regularly made use of the UDD
> > branches to examine the history of packages (and not just the Ubuntu
> > history, but also the Debian history).  Being upload-level granularity
> > makes it less useful than if it were at the granularity of a VCS branch
> > being committed to natively by the developer, but it's still *very*
> > useful for understanding the uploader's thought process at the time a
> > change was made.

> > The fact that git will allow us to graft the developer's own VCS on to
> > these dgit repositories in a way that UDD never did is an important
> > improvement, but as this is *optional*, not importing the package
> > history from the archive would make dgit much less useful for the common
> > case than UDD is today.

> Ok. Given that we have snapshots.debian.org & graft points we can
> create "import level" history in retrospect.

Or perhaps it would be better to actually import into dgit directly from
UDD?  Since UDD has a more or less complete history of all packages in
Debian, probably more extensive than even what we can assemble from
snapshots.debian.org (thinking back to a snapshots hardware failure a few
years ago).  This won't get all the newer package history due to UDD
importer failures, but it might be a good starting point.

> But I find merging existing history more interesting: either upstream,
> or existing git/svn packaging repositories.

Absolutely; but that can only be done on a per-package basis, and will only
happen for those packages where the maintainers are already bought into the
model and are willing to do the work themselves.

> Imho shared history with upstream projects is more interesting than
> debian packaging upload history. Ideally one would have both =)

Yes.  This was always the ultimate target for UDD, the implementation just
fell short of the ideal.

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