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Less dinstall FTW?

Hello Debian world,

there is currently a discussion within the FTP Team and we appear to
have two opinions on it. As we are open on the outcome and it basically
affects the whole project, we came up with the following summary to
solicit feedback, opinions and other ideas.

The proposal at hand is:
 * Lower dinstall frequency to two times a day.
 * Have incoming.debian.org be an apt-able location (actually the buildd
   locations, so it is suite/archive specific, not one global queue)[1]
Now there are those of us who think that this is against "the spirit" of
having multiple dinstalls and that having apt-able incoming repositories
will only lead to people with "versionitis" repeatedly abuse apt-get
update, and not actually help development significantly.

And then there are those of us who think that it is sometimes very
convenient to be able to get that bug fix you have been waiting for
easily, probably even on porter boxes (where a wget && dpkg -i does not
work for most of us).

Feedback, Flamewar, Running away crying, anyone? :)

[1] If we end up doing this, we're thinking of asking DSA to provide
    this via some sort of CDN or through static.debian.org. We haven't
    discussed this proposal with DSA yet, so we aren't entirely sure of
    the details regarding the implementation on their side.
bye, Joerg
for the FTP Team

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