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Re: Introducing dgit - git integration with the Debian archive

Steve Langasek writes ("Re: Introducing dgit - git integration with the Debian archive"):
> I don't think "removing the automatic importer" is an improvement at all. 

I agree.  Except that I wanted something I could deploy and use
immediately.  Providing an automatic importer would involve
suddenly dumping the whole archive into alioth, which is not something
I should do without consultation.  (It looks like the alioth admins
are very busy or away right now.)

However, dgit's design certainly doesn't forbid having an automatic
importer.  Indeed there's a nice hole where the automatic importer
would sit, and most of the code necessary is already present.

> If we want VCS branches for the whole of Debian that we can rely on,
> something / someone needs to update them automatically when a package is
> uploaded.

Quite so.

> The problems with the UDD automatic importer have all been around its
> failing to cope with any kind of manual changes to the bzr branch.  I.e.,
> if even once the importer sees an upload before it sees the corresponding
> commit on the bzr branch - because a maintainer did a bzr push --overwrite,
> or because of a race between the upload and the branch propagation, or
> because of a bug on the server - then that package is forever after in
> "manual" import mode until someone with admin privileges can kick the
> machine.  This is a pretty bad failure mode; but it's a failure because the
> importer can't cope with changes to the branch, not because automatic
> importing was being done.

dgit suites can have an analogous error state.  I don't expect it to
arise in practice.

> > And one is free to push pristine-tar (if makes sense/easy to
> > generate), and/or any other branches into the repository (git-dpm,
> > git-quilt, etc)
> I would have expected dgit to support pristine-tar
> directly/automatically/unconditionally.  Any system that requires me to
> download the same information (== the upstream source) both from a VCS
> repository and the archive in order to get a fully-formed source package for
> upload is a non-starter.

I'm afraid you'll have to wait for dgit to be enhanced to treat
.orig tarballs specially, then.

I agree that having do download what amounts to the same data twice is


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