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Re: Less dinstall FTW?

Ansgar Burchardt wrote:
> The more interesting part of the proposal has so far been ignored by
> most replies: we would make the incoming.d.o archive public. This would
> mean all new uploads are available after ~15 minutes via APT, a lot
> faster than the current interval between dinstall runs.
> The less interesting part is the (optional) change in dinstall
> frequency. As the main reason for a higher frequency falls away as new
> uploads are accessible via incoming.d.o, we could revert back to running
> dinstall twice per day (instead of four times). Or we could stay at four
> times.

There are a number of things that currently benefit from the higher
dinstall frequency, because it allows making more than one iteration per
day of making a change and testing it in a non-hand-hacked manner.

In theory it should be possible for debian-cd[1], debian-installer[2], 
anna[3], choose-mirror[4] (and probably some CDD machinery I'm not familiar
with) to be modified to use incoming.d.o apt archives. In practice,
it will take time and in some cases significant work and/or added
complixity to do.

aptable incoming is a total win in general, so you should just do it,
and if these things are eventually able to be adapted to use it, that
would then open the possibility of reducing dinstall frequency without
slowing down development.

see shy jo

[1] IIRC needs a local mirror to build from.
[2] Very easy to add to sources.list.udeb
[3] See #345419; 8 years unfixed.
[4] Probably needs UI changes.

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