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Re: Dreamhost dumps Debian

On Tue, 2013-08-20 at 17:49 +0200, Pau Garcia i Quiles wrote:

>         2. How are we going to deal with
>         drivers for new hardware - upgrade the kernel to LTS+1's ?
> AFAIK Ubuntu does not add drivers for new hardware to any version save
> for, maybe, some exceptional cases (that I cannot remember, frankly). 
> Quite the opposite: it's the hardware manufacturers themselves who are
> compelled to provide drivers for RHEL, SLES and Ubuntu LTS due to
> customers asking. That's why there is an option to "load drivers from
> disk" at the very beginning of installation (isolinux prompt) on RHEL,
> SLES and Ubuntu.

Since I actually work on Linux support for a hardware manufacturer, I
can tell you that customers demand both - RPMs and driver disks, and
in-tree support.  I regularly work with Red Hat and SUSE developers on
backports of the latest in-tree driver to their 'enterprise'

Ubuntu uses a combination of driver backports and newer kernel versions
in LTS releases.


Ben Hutchings
The obvious mathematical breakthrough [to break modern encryption] would be
development of an easy way to factor large prime numbers. - Bill Gates

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