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Re: Bug#719291: ITP: pkg-perl-tools -- collection of tools for packaging Perl modules in Debian

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-=| Lucas Nussbaum, 10.08.2013 15:03:36 +0200 |=-
> On 10/08/13 at 10:26 +0200, Damyan Ivanov wrote:
> >   Description     : collection of tools to aid packaging Perl 
> >   modules in Debian
> > 
> > The Debian Perl Group works on packaging Perl modules for Debian. We have 
> > growed over fifty small tools which help with day-to-day work, like filing 
> > ITPs, forwarding bugs/patches upstream, taking over a package for the group, 
> > maintaining proper git repository structure and so on.
> Couldn't some of them be moved to devscripts instead?

Probably. Here's the list of tools which could possibly be of general 
interest. Perhaps not all of them and not right away, but if somebody 
wants to take some of them, shape it up and put it devscripts, by all 
means please do :)

The full sources can be found at 

 * bts-retitle -- retitle an RFP/O bug to ITP/ITA
   this is a small wrapper around 'bts' which spares you some clicks 
   and keypresses when you want to convert an RFP/O bug to ITP/ITA

 * clean_sourcetree -- free up space in source directories
   the script removes old temporary files and package building 
   artifacts from a set of directories

 * patchedit -- a helper script for editing patches
   it checks that all DEP-3 fields are present and opens an editor 
   with missing ones added. It also marks any problems found.

 * pristine-orig -- a wrapper around 'pristine-tar checkout', which 
   helps you get the rightly-named original tarball in ../, 
   considering package name and version


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