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Re: Background images.. propaganda package?

Quoth Marcus Brinkmann on 13 Oct, 1999:

> Another idea would be for propaganda.* to host the Debian packages
> themselves, and then interested users can simply add a line to the apt
> configuration file and apt-get knows where to get the files from.

I have been in contact with the Propaganda folks, and should be getting a
"Propaganda for Debian" volume, which will contain highlights from recent
volumes (a sort of "best of"), and some new tiles made especially for us.  I
have asked that it be kept at 2 megs or under, in the interest of saving
space.  Once I get this, I will be glad to .debify it, although I am not an
approved maintainer yet ,and get someone else to upload it, or to pass it off
in an RFP.

Does this sound doable?

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