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Re: ARGH!!! Re: ITP: jnethack

Fri, 1 Oct 1999 11:53:44 +0000 (GMT), Re: ARGH!!! Re: ITP: jnethack wrote about Vincent Renardias <vincent@ldsol.com> (<Pine.LNX.4.02.9910011152280.14779-100000@v2.ldsol.com>):
vincent> On 1 Oct 1999, Peter Makholm wrote:
vincent> > Vincent Renardias <vincent@ldsol.com> writes:
vincent> > 
vincent> > > >  - All messages were translated to Japanese language.
vincent> > 
vincent> > > Can you *PLEASE* try to merge this patch with the upstream version 1st.


I say AGAIN.
I decided this patch was too difficult to merge.
The patch is *NOT* only simple Japanize.

It adds some special features(Ex. Fighter character).

IMHO, I think this software position likes "moria" or "next
generation", and others forked from nethack (or rogue).

Do you say "NetHack, moria, and NetHack next generation and so on must
be merged to rogue" ? ;-)

vincent> > > If the patch is done correctly, I see no reason the upstream maintainer
vincent> > > should refuse it. (And if he does, why should Debian accept it?)
vincent> > 
vincent> > Nethack has no support for multiple languages, and it would take a
vincent> > major rewrite to let it use different languages.
vincent> Since when is adding gettext support considered as a major rewrite?!
vincent> Or is there a reason that makes gettextization impossible?

vincent> > I can't think of any easy way to merge japanese messages into the
vincent> > existing nethack code without removing the english.
vincent> man gettext

Ay, sir.

But who work the job? Upstream author? Maintainer? Me? You?
It seems it will be not able in time till potato freeze or release.
NetHack source code is too complex, Japanese patch (only Japanized
message part) is also too complex.

If you interested the patch of Japanize and adding some features, get

Have a fun. ;-)
Kenshi Muto

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