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Re: /usr/etc and /usr/local/etc?

goswin.brederlow@student.uni-tuebingen.de wrote:
> The problem is that NIS does not work, crashes, fills a lot of garbage 
> int /var/log until linux crashes, has strange behaviour and is pretty
> useless for a pool of diskless maschines.

Really? I personally have had no such bad experience with NIS.  Would you to
care to file a few bug reports?

> Think about a pool of 100 diskless terminals all having a copy of
> /etc/resolve.conf and many other files in etc. Now consider changing
> the nameserver for the terminals. Its a problem of space and
> administrativ work that makes me want a /usr/etc or
> /etc/share. At the moment one has to copy the shareable files to
> /etc/share and symlink them in /etc.

No, this is what NIS is for.
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