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Re: Background images.. propaganda package?

Ok... im new to the list, i didnt realise size was a big issue, maybe
could still be worked out.

In retrospect i agree with you 26MB is pretty huge for images that only
one of which is used at a time.

What about agreeing to make a size limited package, for example each
propoganda package is between 1 and 4 MB, maybe just one of the packages.

It doesnt have to be propaganda images, but it would be good to have some
general images rather than just window manager or theme specific stuff.

> * "Glenn" == Glenn McGrath <Glenn.McGrath@jcu.edu.au> wrote:
> [.. Packaging background images for X ..]
> We spoke about bloat, and I thought this is rather academic. But now
> as I see this posting, I wouldn't like to see a package of these -
> they are only bloat, nothing more. 26 MB of background images...
> Next time someone want to package 50 MB of randomly generated povray
> images :-(
> If we get a seperate data section - OK. But not in main!
> But:
> I would like to see Debian gtk and window manager themes. They should
> be similar in look, so that they fit together. The Debian WM theme
> looks slink. I started to do an adaptation for fvwm, but run out of
> time. Anyone interested in working on such a project?
> It is great advertisement to see a running Debian box, recogniseable
> as Debian, with gtk and the wm fitting in look.
> Ciao,
> Martin
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