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Re: bootpd/tftpd bug

ruud@ruud.org (Ruud de Rooij) writes:

> Eduardo Marcel Macan <macan@colband.com.br> writes:

> > 	I looked at the bug database and it seems that noone reported 
> > such thing before, maybe it can be in potato too. If so, I can file 
> > a bug report (against netstd).

> By default, tftpd is set up to serve only files from /boot, which is
> also the default directory if a relative path is specified (this is
> documented in the manual page tftpd(8)).  You can change this
> behaviour by editing the tftpd line in /etc/inetd.conf: change the
> occurrence of /boot to / .

More specifically, absolute path names have to start with on of the
arguments passed by bootp in /etc/inetd.conf.  Relative pathnames are
tried with each of the arguments to tftp.  This information is from
the man page.

tftpd on other platforms, like Solaris, take a single argument, and
chroot to that argument before serving files.


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