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Background images.. propaganda package?

Hi, im new to this list etc etc...
I love debian, i can think of a couple of improvments that i hope you would

I think debian lags some other prominant distributions in the desktop they
provide (not that this in itself means change is needed).
I would like to see some more background images somewhere in the
If you havent checked out propoganda, its at http://propaganda.system12.com/
its quite funny as well as providing (currently) 13  packages of background
images. Each package average 2MB and 50 images. The whole lot has a whoping
705 images at 26 MB, these are very generic backgrounds... paterns etc,
actually pretty psychadelic.
Currently on my system there are background images under
/etc/alternatives/enlightenment-theme-default/pix im not sure where other
windows managers put there images, but i would have though they would belong
in /usr/share/pixmaps/ somewhere. That way whatever window manager your
using you could select your choice of background image from a vast

Im quite willing to do the work myself, in packaging these images, my only
reservation is that im not currently in the debian team (although i would
like to be), maybe someone else would like to package them or submitt them
on my behalf ?

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